Q: How do I see the live draw?
A: The prize finishing next will ready on the ‘Live draw’ page and can be accessed by clicking the spinning wheel icon below the first prize on the homepage, alternatively you can navigate the prize dropdown menu and select ‘Live draw’.

Q: How do I use my discount codes?
A: When you go through the checkout process, before you get to the payment page, you will be asked to enter in any discount codes you may have.

Q: How do I see what tickets I have brought?
A: If you click on ‘My account’ at the top of the homepage, under the ‘My Pending Draws’ and ‘My Tickets’ headings it will display all your purchased tickets including the ticket number(s) and draw date. If you have purchased tickets and they are not showing in in your account notify us via social media @peakprizesuk or email info@peakprizes.co.uk and we will rectify this immediately.

Q: Why has the draw date been pushed back?
A: If the reserve amount of tickets required in order to give away the prize have not been sold, we will extend the draw by 7 days a maximum of 4 times in order to ensure as many tickets have been sold as possible.

Q: What happens if the reserve amount of tickets are still not sold after the competition has been fully extended?
A: A contingency prize of 75% of ticket sales will go to the winner instead.

Q: How do I know if I have won?
A: To find out if you have won you can check either the ‘Winners’ page on the prize dropdown menu, your account or our social media accounts.

Q: Why can I only buy 10 tickets for each competition?
A: You are limited to 10 tickets per account per competition as a social responsibility precaution for any members that may suffer with gambling addiction.

Q: Why will the site not let me proceed with my ticket purchase?
A: If at any point you have any issues with tickets getting stuck in your basket, proceeding to the payment page or any other related issues such as declined payments please contact use via social media @peakprizesuk or email info@peakprizes.co.uk and we will address this immediately.

Q: Does it cost to sign up?
A: It doesn’t cost anything to register with Peak Prizes, nor will we ever ask you to set up any standing orders or subscriptions, you simply pay for the tickets you select and nothing more.